The Realm

The Realm is an Absolute Moanarchy.
Here the Knight is Drag'n full of terrors.
Build your own fantasy sex weapons.
Finally - the Penis mightier than the sword.

Lycan Sword Handle

Try this lock-on sword handle - You'll take a real Lycan to it.
(It's not everyone who can Were Wolf, but if you got it, flaunt it!)

Equip Lycan Sword Handle

Dragon Sword Handle

This golden lock-on sword handle is a Holy Dragon, so be ready to Prey on Weak Knights.

(Models of dragons are not to scale.)

Equip Dragon Sword Handle

Sword Lock On Dildos

With our range of sword lock-on dildo "blades", we make some excellent points.
Be ready to duel - whether you're a human, werewolf, dragon or smurf.

Equip Lock-On Dildos

Sword Lock On Bullet

Prefer Silver over Gold?

Either ore?

Well lock on to your dildo with this vibrating Silver Bullet.

You may not believe that a bullet can make you orgasm, but eventually you'll come a round.

Equip SIlver Bullet

Mytical Bullets

Use these fantasy vibrating bullets as a parting shot

Medusa Bullet: Her looks are stunning!

Knight Bullet: A lovely Sir prize!

Minotaur Bullet: Not considered bestiality (half the time).

Equip Mythical Bullets