Putin's Plugs

A special collection in honor of our bestest customer: None other than Vlad Putin!!
Ram your anus with the very same tools that Putin Put's in!

We've all read the reports about how Putin brought the gay pride movement secretly to his country in order to serve his "special interests."
Those reports may or may not be true, but it's still fun to think about.

Preparing for a foreign invasion...

...the Putin way

Russia has become the #2 producer of Silicon, because Vladimir Putin is the #1 consumer of Silicone anal products.
As such, he knows to use water based lubricants with them.
Silicone-based lubes aren't compatible with silicone-based toys.

Prepare for invasion with this Rainbow range of flavored, latex friendly lubes!

Putin's Yummy Ass Water

In Judo and Buttplay...

...take Baby Yaga Steps

Vladimir Putin did not become a Judo and Anal Black Belt on day 1.

He worked his way up from small opponents and butt plugs, and so should you.

Start now with one of our anal training sets.

Plug and Play

Test your metal...

..without shelling out

Vladimir Putin has graduated to metal butt plugs.
He's used them so often, he takes metal sheets.

Are metal butt plugs safe?

Yes! Depending on the shape and material, they are completely safe.

Do you need lube for a metal butt plug?

Yes! Silicone based lube is best for metal plugs.

Aluminate Me